Success Stories

My Nutrition My Life is the best nutritional center!!! You will transform your life , from the inside out.

With my personalized program I have  loose weight , and  more important I have learned about nutrition, healthy life style and eating habits. I’m very happy to see the results every week, my overall health has improved and so far I have lost 20 pounds! I’m sure I will reach my goal with her help!

Susana - Henderson, NV

I had the pleasure of meeting Kamalini at Orange Theory Fitness over a year ago.  I was immediately drawn to her positive energy and her genuine persona.  She pushed herself during the workouts and always encouraged the people around her.

After a year of working out, I was looking ok, but knew I needed to do something else to see even better results.

My friend Kristin and I decided to meet with Kamalini to see how she could help us with our nutrition and dietary needs.  Kamalini sent me all the paperwork to fill out prior to our first meeting.  When we met, she went through every page and asked many questions to clarify my responses.  Kamalini came up with a plan tailored to my individual needs.  She carefully explained every step I would take, what I should expect and provided an abundance of recipes for me to try as I began my new journey of eating clean.  Kamalini checked in on me weekly and we had scheduled appointments to answer any questions and to provide next steps.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the progress I have made!  I have never felt better in my life!  I have more energy than ever before and sleep amazing every night.  I never feel hungry and have not had any tummy issues with anything I have tried.

I didn’t begin this adventure to lose weight, but am extremely happy with the 15 pounds that I have lost to date.

This entire experience has been much more than I could have ever imagined.  I look better, feel better and am now armed with the knowledge I need to keep my body in check from now on.  Most importantly, I have a friend in Kamalini that I will cherish forever.

Beth Overland

I am so grateful to Kamalini for her guidance in improving my life.  I got thru the phase 1 & 2 diets and lost 14 lbs!!  I feel like it’s so good to have someone to check in with.  I had never heard of bone broth before and how good it is for you.  It’s been great learning about which foods are so healing and adding them to my life.  The whole reason for me seeing her in the first place wasn’t just to lose weight but to learn to eat better and create a lifestyle with a healthy platform.  I am extremely happy with the changes I’ve made so far and I will continue to keep learning and applying this beautiful knowledge to my life.  Our bodies are magnificent things that have this magical ability to heal themselves when we provide them with the right tools, healthy foods!  Kamalini took me on a grocery store tour, which was really helpful, and showed me how to properly read labels.  They sure like to sneak sugar in a lot of stuff.  I very much look forward to continuing to learn from her on this exciting journey of optimal health!

Lisa Pollock -